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A conditioner is the most underrated product in our community these days. If you don't have one, there's a quick recipe you can easily make at home too! See here in the post below? I used a homemade conditioner with oats, olive oil, and honey before styling.

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Why Curly Hair Needs a Conditioner

Although the primary function of a conditioner is to help you detangle and add moisture, it’s formulated to “condition” your hair.  What does that mean?

  • Improve feel and appearance
  • Boost manageability
  • Reduce friction between strands
  • Making it easier to brush/comb hair after

Should you leave a regular conditioner in, though? Learn everything else you need to know on conditioner related article here.

DIY Conditioner Recipe 

If you don't have a conditioner, run out of conditioner, or maybe you just want to take a break from using your store-bought products then here's my go-to DIY conditioner. I hope it helps you also! Let me know if it does. 

Oat Milk Conditioner

  • Blend 3 parts water with 1 part rolled oats.
  • Strain to get the "oat milk" (repurpose the solid oats for baking or cook it as oatmeal, don't waste it) 
  • Simmer the oat milk and bring to boil until gooey consistency. Turn off heat. 
  • Add a dash of organic honey for extra shine.
  • Add Olive Oil or any oil of your choice for scent.
  • Cool and use it as your conditioner or the last rinse!
  • Add overripe bananas, aloe and spin this into a deep conditioner too. Boom. 

Here's Jannelle's informative video on the Benefits of Oats for our hair. Must watch! 


Coconut Milk Conditioner

Eyeball the quantities based on your hair length and density. Me? I took about 2 tablespoons of coconut milk+few drops of protein filler (optional) +a tablespoon of a storebought mask (optional), keep for 20min, rinsed out with cold water.⁣ This is for my medium length, high porosity thick hair. 

I do recommend applying coconut milk just straight without a mask - you can a spoonful of organic honey to make it extra :) Remember, a little goes a long way so do not use a whole can of coconut milk on you! Noooo! 

Here’s why I recommend coconut milk in your weekly wash or hair mask:⁣ Coconut milk is rich in protein and can be used to strengthen hair. Besides, it’s also got anti-bacterial properties to help treat scalp issues like dandruff and itchy scalp! The nourishing fatty acids moisturize hair as well.⁣ 

To use canned coconut milk or the cold kind in a carton? It doesn't matter. They all gave me the same results! Use what you can get or make your own coconut milk with the real stuff :) 

Caution: Coconut products may dry out hair for some coconut-sensitive people and make it very brittle. Use your discretion.  

You can even mix both coconut milk and oats to create a DIY cowash conditioner. Recipe and more about cowashing here!

See the recipe and tutorial for easy DIY Hibiscus Gel - hibiscus has natural hair conditioning properties! 

If you struggle with curl clumping - which is, in other words, “organizing” curls in a specific pattern - then you’ve got to start “working” with your conditioner at the end of your cleansing routine.

Work with your conditioner

Your curls should resemble slimy wet noodles, like this! It may or may not immediately look this but with practice and with the best conditioners, try to get these results. Keep your eye on the prize. Practice! 

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