3 Amazing Uses of Hibiscus Gel

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Want a new gel? If buying new products are expensive for you also, then here’s a super nourishing DIY for you. You can use hibiscus gel for Deep Conditioning, Styling or Refreshing Curly Hair! You can even layer hibiscus gel under your regular styling products for extra benefits! Here are my results and top tips for making your own hibiscus gel at home!

In the above video, this was my Day 3 hair. That means, I was styling on hair that was washed 3 days ago, so this is technically a REFRESH! (Making my curls look fresh without washing) I explain more in the FAQs below but first here's why hibiscus gel is so awesome for hair!

Hibiscus Gel for Hair Benefits

⁃ Boosts hair growth! Source
⁃ Rich in amino acids to strengthen hair. Source
⁃ Prevents premature greying, Source
⁃ Hibiscus is a natural hair conditioner!

How to Make Hibiscus Gel at Home?

Use fresh flowers. Cut petals into small pieces. Let it soak overnight (8-12hrs only) in plain water. Shoosh and squish the petals a bit the next morning to encourage the goopy juices to mix with the rest of the water. Strain and use immediately. My video and method was inspired by this amazing YouTuber!

Frequently Asked Questions about Hibiscus Gel

I explain more in the FAQs below. If you have more questions please ask me on my Instagram Video comments! 

What water? Just plain water at room temperature please.

Does the hibiscus have to be fresh, Liz? For best results use only fresh flowers! 

Can we use dry hibiscus flowers? No. There will be no "goop" in dry flowers. We need the goop for gel! 

Can we use hibiscus powder to make gel? No. Imagine getting bits out of your hair! Besides the powder is from dry flowers. See previous question. I use hibiscus powder in my deep conditioner or use it as a hair tea rinse.

Can hibiscus gel be used as one and done styler? The hibiscus gel gives soft hold considering how much water is used. For stronger hold, layer hibiscus gel under your usual products for more definition.

Which color hibiscus flower is good for hair? I tried this with other flowers that “look like” hibiscus. Didn’t do anything. You need hibiscus only and preferably the red colored - those seemed to have the most goop! You’ll know it's hibiscus with that thing sticking out in the middle. (pistil) Others flowers do not.

How many hibiscus flowers should we use? Eyeball everything! The water will be how much gel you want to make. For longer hair use more water, and more flowers. I used three hibiscus flowers for my medium length hair and water just enough to cover and submerge the crushed petals. I used all of it right away. 

Can we add Hibiscus Gel in our deep conditioner? Yes absolutely! It is the second amazing use of Hibiscus Gel. with its natural conditioning properties the hibiscus gel will make your regular mask extra! Just know that Hibiscus is rich in amino acids. Amino is a part that makes up protein. So you can balance your washday keeping this in mind.

So is hibiscus gel advisable for protein sensitive or low porosity hair? Protein sensitivity can be from any protein. There are different proteins in different products. You can also be sensitive to coconut oil! So you will have to try to see if this works for you or not. Try a patch test on a clump at the nape of our neck.

Do you use it before adding hair cream and gel or after? Ideally DIY gels are very nourishing so I prefer to use hibiscus gel before my regular styling products on washday. 

What is the pH Level of Hibiscus? 5.24 My research also indicates that Hibiscus balances the Ph level of your scalp. Scalp can have high pH because of buildup. Hibiscus can grow well in pH between 5.0 and 7.5. 

Can we mix it with oil and use it on the scalp too? Since water and oil don’t mix, it’s wiser to just infuse the flowers in your favourite oil and then use that oil to scalp massage.  

Can we use Hibiscus Gel instead of Flaxseed gel? I recommend either layer both one after the other or mixing flaxseed gel and aloe gel with this to make your won super power DIY hair gel!

How long can we store it? I noticed this soaking method is risky by itself. I mean, when I soaked it for 24hrs it started to smell rancid. Therefore I don’t suggest you store it at all. Use everything immediately. To avoid wastage please make small batches.  

Idea inspired by @deekshakotian
Thank you ladies for always inspiring and supporting me also ♥️

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