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Humid summers are the muggiest. I love it because I'm such a tropical soul and all, but my curly hair? Not so much. Without care, it's a poof ball in no time. If you have these same problems in humidity then my suggestions and styling recommendations here will be useful... Let me know if you beat the humidity with these tips too! But first, if you workout on the regular, I am sure you are humid most of the year regardless :) Here's a super useful article to manage curls during/after workouts too! 



✅ P R E P O O

What is it? It's PREparing your hair before shamPOO. Prepoo ensures your hair is moisturized and the oil seals; so then, moisture doesn’t escape the whole time it is working on your hair to become soft and manageable in the shower, later. Here are quick resources to learn more about the benefits of Prepoo (it's not hot oil treatment BTW)  Learn How to Prepoo Natural Hair here.

✅ COwash

What is it? It's WASHing your hair with COnditioner (meant for cowashing only, please do NOT use regular conditioner to do this and then wonder why you're experiencing itchy scalp or hair fall. Please don't.) Even if you can’t cowash, that’s fine. Everything you need to know about cowashing is here!


Most cowashes are one-and-done products! Massage, rinse, and style. Boom! Cowashes with mild protein helps High Porosity hair or damaged hair to heal and bounce back with a better curl pattern. See my COWASH Recommendations I explain how I cowash here in this video as well. 


If you cowash frequently in summers, remember to detox your curls! Here's my guide to using Bentonite Clay to detox naturally.

✅ Add Protein to curly hair

The irony is that protein helps hair retain moisture. So if you find your hair is losing moisture faster than normal, regardless of the weather even, incorporate protein treatments like Rice Water or Gelatin once a month to boost external protein! 

✅ DC - Deep Condition!

Your hair tends to dry out quickly in humidity. As a beginner I deep conditioned twice a week, you decide the frequency based on your preference and convenience. Deep Conditioner Recommendations here [Use code HONESTLIZ for 10% discount at Curlsboutique!]



✅ Styling with Anti-Humidity Products

Sandwich Styling is what I call using a mousse between your leave-in/cream and gel.  I learned the technique from @HoneyBlondeGigi . This combo helps you achieve that EXTRA definition and hold you may prefer in the hot humidity. I love using the @ddgirlswithcurls mousse, but if you're in India, here is an awesome budget alternative in India!  See 123 Gel method is another styling technique that WORKS in humidity! 

Best Styling Products for Humidity (buy here)

Some of my favorite products to use in humidity are  are found in india as well - use my code HONESTLIZ for 10% discount at


I found this awesome video by M.A.D. Curls and these ladies explain more product options to beat humidity!

Thank you for watching & reading!

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