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NEW METHOD ALERT! This styling method works, in general, to keep moisture between washes. Do you struggle to keep protein:moisture balance in your hair? Curly hair needs extra care during “high dew points” or, high humidity summer so you’ve got to try this!


How I came up with this method

I wrote an exclusive Top-Humidity-tips here and I was doing them already. Yet, in this hideous heat, my curls needed something more. I focused on styling products this time. I needed something to preserve both moisture and definition. I did not want to slather my hair with creams this summer and making it feel eww.

This is only my second summer being a curly girl. I realized I had way too many gels than any girl would even dream about. I was also doing a lot of reading to learn about Dew Points and what we should be doing.

That's was when I had the aha moment!!

First, I watered down my hair cream with the #bowlmethod. My hair is very dry, it is medium-high porosity hair type. I had to have moisture so instead of watering down a leave-in-conditioner, I did this with hair cream.

Second, I layered three of my favorite gels, one after another. One pump each was plenty, and I scrunched them all in, one by one. A cream adds moisture, the gels lock the moisture in. Here is how it progressed ...

So with the 123 gel method, curls have moisture, definition, feel light, and voluminous ALL AT THE SAME TIME. If you have similar hair needs, give it a shot? See if it works for you. And tag #123gel so I can see it too.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you scrunch one pump of gel of each brand or do you use praying method for the first two and scrunch the third one.
For this method, I am also looking for more volume + definition. So the idea is to scrunch the gel in. So for my hair type, doing this gave me more volume. The important thing to remember is to do what works for you.

How is it different than using the same gel.
Each gel has unique ingredients and their own strengths. I thought it was definitely more beneficial than using one gel only. It’s like asking how is eating only one vegetable different from eating 3 different ones with your daal chawal. Moreover, some hair gels flake and feel weird when you use too much of it. So by using a little of different gels, you get the best of all worlds!

How should I pick gels?
Since we are going to water down the cream hair will still need moisture. For this method, use moisturizing gels if your hair is very dry, to begin with. Moisturizing gels add a bit of moisture with the definition. Thus, even in a watered-down-cream situation, the moisture from gels is an added bonus!

List of Gels that work with each other

A Quick Recap: 123 Gel Method

  1. Water-down hair creme using the #bowlmethod
  2. Scrunched in 3 different gels, one pump each, one after the other. I used creme-gels so they add more moisture, and give me a solid definition.
  3. Wet Plopped, then diffused at cold for 5 minutes and air-dried the rest with #rootclipping

Disclaimer and a Word of Caution

Some Gels may cause flakiness to build-up on the scalp causing itching and irritation. When hair becomes dry, and dehydrated from the gel, it may become frizzy, dry, limp, unmanageable and dull. The chemicals in the gel may interact with external pollutants and environmental toxins. All this may lead to a build-up of dead hair cells which are not shed and blocks the normal flow of sebum. So don’t be that girl who doesn’t clarify! We have to clarify our curly hair to avoid these issues. I love using clay treatments once or twice a month.

If you’re on Instagram, please click on the hashtags #123gel to learn more from other bloggers. Hope this helps you. If you give it try, let me know. Use the hashtag in your posts or stories! I would love to see how it works for you and learn about the interesting new combos you come up with also. 

Thank you for watching & reading!

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  • You mentioned you water down hair creme using the bowl method prior to gel.

    I have searched everywhere and can not find instructions for this with curl creme.

    How do you do it with curl creme?

    I have fine hair. Can I use a lighter styler such as AG Defining Spray (it is like a lighter version of their Recoil Creme styler) and no bowl method…just sopping wet hair?

    Please don’t post my email address.

    Thank you. I have learned a lot from you.

    Imajenn on

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