Warning: These 7 Mistakes Will Destroy Your Curly Hair Styling

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Tired of buying useless hair products? Spending so much money and effort on products only to have it backfire can be frustrating. I don't blame you, really. Social media vomits so many tutorials every hour; use this cream, buy this gel! There's just not enough emphasis laid on the groundwork; healthy clean hair is the ultimate foundation for a fool-proof curly hair styling routine.

Listed here are my tried and tested methods. I mean.  I’m a blogger, I’m testing new products every month so how does every routine work for me? I make sure my hair is clean, hydrated and more receptive to receiving styling products that's how! Ok. Think of these options like those offered in an all-you-can-eat buffet. You don’t have to have all at one go. Just take what your hair needs right now:

1. Detox your hair Like starting over on a clean slate. There is no nasty buildup or previous products interfering with your styling process! Your styling products will almost always work better on clean buildup-free hair. Product recommendations:

    2. Repair your hair -  We can agree hair color, heat treatments, etc. can be damaging for your hair. Now there are products in the market that work on a molecular level to repair these damaged and broken bonds. Styling products work so much better on healthy hair. So if you have any external damage, focus on repairing before indulging in new styling products.Product recommendations:

    3. Prepoo with your favourite oil - Apply lightly on dry/damp hair and keep in shower cap for 20min before shampoo. My prepoo days are always the best! This little step softens my hair so the washing process becomes that much easier. More on Prepoo here.

    4. Add Protein - It’s protein that helps your hair retain moisture. So if you use all protein-free products, how will the styling last? Damaged hair needs protein also. But if bond-repair treatments are out of your budget then try easy DIY treatments to boost a bit of protein. Product recommendations:

    5. Deep condition (DC) - Doesn’t have to be weekly, honestly. But my bleached hair needed it twice a week! My healthy hair prefers it twice a month. Either way my hair styling never wins DC for a long time. So if you haven’t already? Apply a mask or a deep conditioner, keep at least 10min in a shower cap, and see how your styling just looks so much better, than ever! [Pro tip: For fine hair, DC before shampoo to avoid feeling weighed down] Product recommendations:

    6. Style with one thing - Use only cream if you prefer soft hair, and not like crunchy curls. Use small quantities on soaking wet hair (thick hair) or style on damp hair (fine hair)- sometimes that’s all your hair needs. Healthy hair honestly doesn’t need so many products! Try a minimal approach for the best styling result. 

    7. Protect your hair night and day - All this is hard work! Protecting your hair while you sleep or travel preserves your styling for longer days. Silk/Satin bonnets with a pillow cover for double protection will help retain moisture in your styled hair. Product recommendations:


    Healthy hair honestly doesn’t need so many products but for a winning styling routine you need a healthy attitude towards self-care. A holistic approach to strengthen and repair your hair first to make ANY styling products work for you :) Hope this was easy to follow. If you need more help leave a comment below or Ask Liz here.  


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