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Want to add shine to your dry/dull hair?! I’ve tried so many new things this year, BUT prepoo is one of the top methods that made all the difference!  

4 signs you need to PREPOO

  1. Breakage
  2. Clean hair and scalp .. very clean.
  3. Slow hair growth
  4. Knots & Tangles

In addition to nutrition Prepoo oils offer protection from shower trauma like excessive swelling or shampooing and keeps your hair hydrated.


If you do this diligently, you'll be floored with the difference you'll see in softness and shine. You can see how much softer and lighter my hair looks compared to last year. Ok, let’s get into it! 


Here is a quick summary: 

How To Prepoo 

What is it? It’s preparing your hair before shampoo.

Why do it? To make hair soft, and manageable during wash; decreasing overall breakage and hair loss.

When to do it? On dry hair Before wash, keeping overnight is optional. Love doing this especially in the summer when humidity dries hair out faster than normal.  

What is the goal? To detangle and moisturize hair so shampoo/cowash doesn't strip all the moisture out.

What to use: Your favorite essential oils, curl cream or intense oil serums. Using a conditioner for a better slip is optional. You could also use a styling brush to help you detangle or distribute these products evenly in your hair (so you don't miss any parts!) 

Can this be cowashed? Yes! This depends on how much oil/product your hair needs. This is not deep conditioning so be gentle, and light. If you apply heavy oils or butter to prepoo you probably need to detox your hair more frequently. 

Method: Section your hair and coat hair with product and detangle. Scalp Massage. Cover with a shower cap (important!!)

How do I do it? The hard water in my new house dries my hair out a lot so I wash every 3 days or twice in a week now. I OVERNIGHT prepoo with a shower cap under my satin bonnet once a week only.  There is risk of hygral fatigue with overnight prepoo on wet hair, so try this only if your hair is super dry and in need of moisture only. 

How long to keep it? At least 20 minutes before wash. You can keep it overnight. You decide based on how your hair feels.

Special note: Do NOT prepoo hair or use oils before you come over for your haircut :) 

Product Recommendation

Discount Code: HONESTLIZHERE15 for $$ off

The scalp treatment goes first, the smell is quite strong but I love it! This smells like a mixture of herbs and tea tree oil. The texture is light but sticky. The herbal hair mask smells lovely like citrus, one of my favorite fruity scents! Little goes a long way, one pump per section is enough!  Like all prepoo treatments, hair feels soft after washing it out. The hair elixir has a floral scent and doubles as a serum also.


I specifically love using this Herbal Mask before shampoo. This is a one-step process. You just have to apply it on dry hair, keep 20min or overnight (based on how much moisture or treatment your hair needs.) Then shower, cleanse and style! That's it! Saves time and effort and that's why I recommend it.

Here's a quick video of how I apply the scalp treatment before shampoo. 


Healthy curly hair doesn't happen with styling alone. My process starts at prepoo. A Scalp Treatment like this helps my hair grow since it nourishes and stimulates my scalp. The best part tho? It's the relaxing herbal scent to wind my busy day down⁣ ⁣ 𝐏𝐫𝐨𝐝𝐮𝐜𝐭: @theinnatelife Scalp Treatment⁣ 𝐂𝐨𝐝𝐞: HONESTLIZ ⁣ ⁣ Music: That Day⁣ Musician: Jef⁣ ⁣ If you have questions please ask me in comments ♥️⁣

369 Likes, 41 Comments - Elizabeth Alex (@honestlizhere) on Instagram: "Healthy curly hair doesn't happen with styling alone. My process starts at prepoo. A Scalp..."



If you use the code I also get a tiny commission so thank you for trusting and supporting me also. 

Do shea butter or creams not work for you, don't worry!! You can still achieve juicy curls; just make sure you deep condition weekly for the recommended 20minutes. I did not use cream today and still enjoying wonderful shine and it's mostly because products I used to prepoo and deep condition last night⁣ ⁣ Products used⁣ ✔️ Prepoo- @theinnatelife scalp treatment & Hair Mask⁣ ✔️ Shampoo, conditioner- @giovannicosmetics Deeper Moisture⁣ ✔️ Gels - @ddgirlswithcurls Gelee and @jessicurl Spiralicious⁣ ✔️ Broke the amazing gel cast with @theinnatelife Rose Elixir⁣ ⁣ The @theinnatelife Brand is based in Canada and I'm so grateful with these gifts they sent me! Their products have Indian herbs like tulsi, brahmi and I've always wanted to try them ever since I saw @curlsandblondies And @curlynfab use these products and achieve great results too!⁣ ⁣ If you want to try them also, use my affiliate Discount Code: HONESTLIZ for $$ off @theinnatelife⁣ ⁣ ⁣ Q U E S T I O N⁣ Have you used these brands?⁣ What are your fav water-based products?

1,930 Likes, 68 Comments - Elizabeth Alex (@honestlizhere) on Instagram: "Do shea butter or creams not work for you, don't worry!! You can still achieve juicy curls; just..."

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Thank you for watching & reading!

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