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You've probably been smooching all this time and didn't know it! For those inspired to achieve chunky curls, here’s the 411 on the super easy Smooching Curls Technique!

Unlike all the other styling techniques, this Smooch Method technique gives me frizz-free definition, for days too. So, if you have type 2/3 hair like mine, I hope you try and see if it works for you too. Let me know if you do! 

A big thank you to Sangeeta @fierybull to share her the SMOOCH method! Check out the carousel in this post below; everyone loves smooching here! 


Does it work for Type 2 hair? Wavy Hair? Did you see all the pictures in the above post though? One of them was Radhika and her waves are moisturised and formed shiny clumps with this smooching technique! 

W H A T  is Smooching Curls?  It’s a simple styling technique where you Smooth and Scrunch your styling products on repeat as your last step. Plop, Air dry or Diffuse as usual. 

Smooth + Scrunch= Smooch 

But what is SMOOTHING? Smoothing is a praying hands technique; you can also use your trusted hair brush to “smooth” your products in. 

B E N E F I T S  of the Smooching Curls Technique

  • It’s easy!
  • Time saver 
  • Saves product too! 
  • Fatter curl clumps - chunkier curls
  • Better curl clumping so better definition 
  • More length/elongation for shorter hair! 

If you don’t prefer chunky curls and want more volume, you can always just separate them like this!


Do we have to use more products every time we pray & scrunch? or apply once like enough then just follow pray & scrunch?!? Which ones better?

This is the last styling phase is all. Just the action after you’ve applied an adequate amount of product. But it also totally depends on how much product your hair needs. ME? I apply my products first and then SMOOCH to reinforce the products into my curls! If my hair feels like it could need more product, I would add more. It's just practice; you'll know as you go along your healthy hair journey too. 

It’s also more intentional; smooching is on repeatThink of it almost like the difference between STC and bowl method! Just more repetitive! While STC gives great results but the bowl method is next level - same difference!

Before this, I’d smooth first and end with only scrunching in my hair gel. But now, the repeat-smooching has made a big difference. Intentional smooching for the win! Wink wink. 


But what is the Raking technique then? It’s clawing in your products exactly how one "rakes leaves into a windrow" but with your fingers, with product, in your hair. 

How is smooth + scrunch different from Smooch? Smooch is on repeat for a few minutes is all.

How does smooching differ from the usual method? which is leave-in, cream, gel and scrunch? First, this is not about products. It’s everything to do with the technique. You can smooch with your favorite lineup whatever it is or just with conditioner as well. 

Here’s a quick video with affordable drugstore products! I used Giovanni Cosmetics


Here’s my DAY 2 curls after Smooching with Only Curls London products!


Do you do this once you’ve applied all products or after you apply each product? Try and see both ways. ME? I apply the products and then Smooch in the end. 

It's not just me, here's Amber with her gorgeous results from SMOOCHING CURLS! Everyone who has tried this technique got a similar chunky curl pattern :) 


Here's the stunning Dr. Sayali after using Curly Girl Movement products!


There are 100+ curlies around the world who have tried this method and loved it too - Look up and follow this hashtag on Instagram to learn more.  #SmoochingCurls

Thank you for watching & reading!

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