Why Curly Hair Needs a Conditioner

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A conditioner is the most underrated product in our community these days. We either want to focus on deep conditioners or stylers for results. What you don't know is that the humble conditioner is one of the best weapons you have to nourish and hydrate your curls. Listing everything you need to know to get the most out of your conditioner below.

Why Curly Hair Needs a Conditioner

Although the primary function of a conditioner is to help you detangle and add moisture, it’s formulated to “condition” your hair.  What does that mean?

  • Improve feel and appearance
  • Boost manageability
  • Reduce friction between strands
  • Making it easier to brush/comb hair after

        You see, after shampoo, and/OR after washing a deep conditioner (DC) out, your hair can dry out. Sure, you can argue to say then what is the deep conditioning for? Deep Conditioning functions mainly, to Strengthen hair, yes. But mostly, your DC repairs previous damage.

        A conditioner helps you prevent future damage, so that's why I recommend everyone to use a conditioner at the end of your routine. This way, when your hair is exposed to damage like heat tools, sun damage, blow-drying or even dry/wet brushing, the conditioner pampers your hair making it far more resilient than without. Trust me. 

        End your cleansing routine with a conditioner! 

        Should you leave a regular conditioner in, though?

        Since every one of us is different and all We all have to do what works for our hair. So if you have a store-bought conditioner, you can experiment to see if that works for you or no. Me? I do not leave in a DIY conditioner but if you have no choice, use DIY Hibiscus Gel as your conditioner!

        Here's my tutorial using ARATA conditioner as my only styler! This conditioner surprised me, gave me definition, shine, and hold! It's Indian and affordable! Use my code HONESTLIZ for discount on Arata.in if you want to try it also.


        Best Conditioners I recommend 

        I love leaving in conditioners like Curly Ellie and Only Curls London conditioner in my hair. Watch my Giovanni tutorial to see how I usually do it. Here's my naked hair with Curly Ellie Nourishing Conditioner.

        Again, use your discretion. If your hair is fine or low porosity hair then using conditioner as a leave-in can lead to build-up. You see, conditioners are formulated differently than a proper leave-in conditioner. Conditioners are meant to be rinsed out. However, it works for me since I have thick High Porosity hair. Your texture and hair type matter for these aspects in the Curly Hair regime. 

        DIY Conditioner

        If you don't have a conditioner, run out of conditioner, or maybe you just want to take a break from using your store-bought products then recipe for my go-to DIY conditioner is here. I hope it helps you also! Let me know if it does. 

        Benefits of working with your conditioner

        If you don't already, remember to “rake-in” your trusty conditioner for a few minutes while in the shower. Work a few minutes until you feel conditioner is evenly distributed. I follow the Squish to Condish method to rinse out (optional but effective) for 3 minutes, watch my tutorial here. 

        • Helps product to penetrate into the hair
        • Enhances your waves and curl clumps!
        • Boost moisture! 

        An incredible demonstration of "marrying water with conditioner"


        Use your trusty hairbrush to help you evenly distribute your conditioner. Just make sure you thoroughly clean them after every use to avoid unnecessary buildup on the brush. Buildup on the brush can affect your scalp causing fungal infection and things of that nature. Eww. Just saying. 

        ... after Working with your conditioner

        Your curls should resemble slimy wet noodles, like this! It may or may not immediately look this but with practice and with the best conditioners, try to get these results. Keep your eye on the prize. Practice! 

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