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Can I get bouncy curly hair like the founder if I use that Bounce Curl light creme gel too? But one look at the price tag and you pause. Is it really worth it? It makes you wonder, can it be possible? Let's review 

Bounce Curl Social Media Popularity Scale 

Some popular products are out of budget but you would still buy them without batting an eye because your favorite curly girls have endorsed them. Right? Right. I didn't see that with Bounce Curl when I started my healthy hair journey back in 2017. Sure they are popular now but at the time they had just about launched. 

I followed their IG account for a month and saw posts of real people. For dirt on this brand I went snooping to the curly hair community to see what people were really talking about the Boucecurl Light creme gel there. I found lots of dirt, but I also saw how gracious the Bounce Curl reps were when they answered each issue with supportive and constructive comments. That gave me a perspective and a new respect for this brand. 

What’s inside the Bounce Curl Light Creme Gel

First, it is a Curly Girl (CG) friendly product, which means no mineral oil, dyes, sulfates, parabens, PEGs or silicones in it. Besides, it has never been tested on animals, making it a cruelty-free product too.


As the names suggest, it is not just a gel. The creme gel is 80 percent gel and 20 percent cream. The main ingredients are Panax ginseng root extract, aloe, and black seed oil. These are great ingredients that help restore moisture and shine to all types of curly hair, regardless of the curly hair type. However, those sensitive to aloe vera may find this drying. If you are experiencing protein overload then note, this gel has multiple proteins making it a protein-rich gel so use your discretion before using for styling or especially after protein DIY treatments like Rice Water Rinse or Gelatin Treatments

Bounce Curl gives a SOFT hold

On Dms and comments, I noticed folks are never motivated to try Bounce Curl gel because of the hold. Me? I prefer soft/medium hold for my hair so I don't mind the hold factor. Consider the kind of hold you want before buying any gel. I realized it gave me the right hold based on my preferences.   

How to use it

The directions on the company website tell you to apply this product on wet hair. I missed that directive at first. The results weren't satisfactory until I used the gel on soaking wet hair! The Bounce Curl light creme gel causes flash drying.

The Flash-Drying-Effect not only removes the surface moisture but also removes water that is bound to the hair, which is called water of hydration. The effect of this flash drying is that the cuticles become dry, rigid and brittle and you can feel that immediately too.

Pro Tips!

The brand encourages you to apply leave-ins and curl creams to thick or dry curly hair and then use the gel.  If you have low porosity hair, don't use a leave-in on your refresh days with this gel. Here are some tried combinations that really work with Bounce. This is an old post but still valuable! 

@bouncecurl gel works beautifully by itself, BUT This product does NOT mix with all hair brands. . . These combinations worked for me. You can even stick your DIY aloe or FSG under Bounce. If a combination or the gel by itself doesn't work for you, then check your cleansers and switch them, for best results. . . COLLAGE PLACEMENT: left and right is the order of application. Left gel placement for example, with Bounce and KCCC I used that for the #smasters technique. So bounce always is the last thing in my hair, unless I use oil to SOTC or seal ends. . . THIN HAIR: Use a small amount of gel in wet hair on different sections of your hair. Scrunch your hair up and down. Use a microfiber towel to scrunch excess water. Lastly, air dry or diffuse. If you have "DRY HAIR", please use a leave in or cream before you apply Bounce curl light creme gel. . . THICK HAIR or DRY hair: Use your creams, leave in conditioners and lastly, top it off with the Bounce Curl gel for that extra hold. It will help define those beautiful curls without making it feel crunchy. Some oils of different products will repel the Bounce curl oils. If you feel a "squeaky" reaction when you apply the gel, that just means that the cream is not compatible with the gel. That is still ok because once your hair is dry, it will look incredible. . . Bounce curl is currently waiting for hair cream to finish in the lab. In the meantime, check out my tried and tested combinations and Let me know if you do or if there's another combination, I would LOVE to try it too!! #honestlizapproved

490 Likes, 93 Comments - Elizabeth Alex (@honestlizhere) on Instagram: "@bouncecurl gel works beautifully by itself, BUT This product does NOT mix with all hair brands. ...."

How I use it 

I took a cue from this curly beauty Katscurls and apply the gel both on soaking wet hair and also AFTER diffusing at about 80% dry. We both have very similar textures so this gives me stronger hold this way. Watch her video to see how.  


The Verdict

Is it worth the hype? YES! When I first started my journey, this gel defined my curls so much better and faster than anything I had tried, for months! In hindsight, my hair was neglected for so long, all the protein in this gel helped heal my hair so I could see the difference almost immediately.

If your hair isn't damaged, is aloe-sensitive or doesn't need this level of protein then you might feel differently. 

The Bounce Curl Light Creme gel gets my hair soft and bouncy, saturated with essential vitamins and minerals. The gel restored my hair back to health when it was damaged. There was a time when I used Curly Ellie shampoo and this gel and got fabulous results! So it can work as one and done on healthy hair. 


Price: $24 plus shipping. I also use this gel generously so it doesn't last long for me. 

Compatibility with other products: Since the product is organic, the ingredients may react or repel other products in your styling cocktail.

Using the one brand lineup is always recommended because they are formulated to complement each other. But for any reason when you choose to mix and match to make a product combo cocktail yourself remember that not everything may work well together. Use your own discretion before using different product lines. This #palmtest is an ok indicator. I say OK because sometimes even if they curdle in your palm they may still work well together on your hair. You can start freaking out if you see FLAKES AFTER HAIR DRYING though - now that's your real cue the combo is not meant for each other #honestliz⁣ ⁣ Correct or no?⁣ ⁣ #productcocktail #hairproducts #frenemies

197 Likes, 20 Comments - 🇮🇳 1st Curly Girl WebShop ( on Instagram: "Using the one brand lineup is always recommended because they are formulated to complement each..."

So, first, test the product mixed with your other gel or curl cream to see if it mixes with no residue or anything. Sometimes you may not see any curdling in your palms but the flash drying we talked about earlier? Yes, that can be extreme if this gel reacts with any shampoo or conditioner residue from another brand in your hair.

Don't believe the palm test ‼️ . . Couple of days ago @curlyandproud posted an infographic so we can test if products don't mix together, remember? @themestizamuse talked about this a while ago also. I love them both BUT now, I've found an exception to this rule!!! . . Even if the product combos curdle in your palm, you can still get an awesome sauce result - with no flaking-powder-nasty-residue thingums that this test claims it will give you. Nope. Don't believe it always. Disclaimer: Talking CG approved product combos only; with respect to Bounce Curl in particular. . I love @bouncecurl Gel and have tried it with so many CG products already, never have I EVER experienced the dryness or roughness that others seem to be getting from using some weird product combo. . . Moral of this story? You never know if a combo works or not unless you try it directly on your hair since everybody's hair is different and all. Also, make sure you pair Bounce with Clean CG products only. . PS: I ruined my awesomesauce new FRO with these two obedient products 🤦🏻‍♀️ @mielleorganics leave-in and @bouncecurl light Creme Gel. 😍🤦🏻‍♀️ Of course I used @righteousrootsoils to separate my coils. Swipe ⏩ for TUTORIAL!!! .

291 Likes, 61 Comments - Elizabeth Alex (@honestlizhere) on Instagram: "Don't believe the palm test ‼️ . . Couple of days ago @curlyandproud posted an infographic so we..."

If this happens, stop everything and detox your hair to remove all products. You could even sneak in a little ACV rinse mid-week to ensure there is no buildup from the previous residue prior to using your beloved Bouncecurl products. 

My strongest recommendation would be to use Bounce Curl only with the whole line for the best results. If you are someone who loves experimenting with other products and trending brands then this may not be the ideal product for you.

Honestly? Since this was the first brand that worked for me when I started I feel this special bond with it. The scent comforts me on my bad days and even though it may not give me the desired results every time, I use it from time to time just for that comfort. This gel also works with the 123 gel method if you ever wanted stronger hold in the summertime or just want to use up this gel somehow. I would typically use it first and end with a glycerine-free gel in the 123 gel method - guide here

This is just me, you want to be wiser and use your discretion before using anything on your body. 

Recently I caved and purchased their Leave-in and Clump cream to try. The cream and gel worked fabulously the first time but I have never got these results again. I found the Leave-in too moisturizing and I just can't get the cream to work for me BUT this could be because I am testing so many other brands! I am positive if this was the only thing I used then these products will complement each other but I would never know. 

    Thank you for watching & reading!

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