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Nobody has the time to do hair daily. With that much wash day effort, especially if you’re using expensive products, you want it to last!  With Curly Girl Movement stylers I can go 3 days with no refresh consistently, and that’s why I hope you find these tips valuable too! 


I find these two work the best together so I always use them together only.

🍬 Curl Styling Milk

Styling milk is formulated to add moisture and define curls. This is richer and thicker than our regular leave-ins. Less is more so be mindful of using less of the Milk and more of the gel. This is your primer, you don't need a leave-in under it and it goes before the gel. The consistency is creamy but not thick enough like a cream.

The ingredients in it, pomegranate seed oil, avocado oil, nourish dry curly hair. The marshmallow root gives great slip so it’s easy to Detangle. It’s Protein-free too! I suggest you apply this on wet or damp hair first.  

  • For Fine Curls: Apply less milk and more gel because too much milk can weigh your hair down.
  • For Thick Dry Curls: Apply more milk to boost the moisture quotient, but not too much!

Little goes a long way really, but if you live in dry humid weathers it makes sense to use more milk. If the hair feels heavy after the milk, you’ve added too much; your hair will feel like you just applied a deep conditioner (Eww!) If that happens to you, don’t worry. Just Squish-to-condish with water to “milk it down”.

🍬 Curl Defining Gel

The cream-gel has awesome ingredients too; jojoba oil, pomegranate seed oil, and aloe vera all work together to enhance curls. This is a hard hold gel with protein and it balances perfectly with its protein-free milk we just discussed above. My hair generally can’t handle too much protein but it appreciates the proteins in this gel. You can even 123 gel with it! 


What if I have to refresh after using CGM stylers?

If you find that you have to refresh, I got great news for you! You can just spray water on your hair and apply a tiny-smidgen of milk and gel to get your curls popping again. However, I suggest you watch the tutorials on the CGM Instagram page saved highlights to understand this better, with visuals. Since I get no-refresh days with these stylers I have not tried refreshing with these products yet.

How I get 3-4 days with Curly Girl Movement Stylers!

  • Use it on clean, freshly washed, non-buildup hair. These products are rich, their POW-WOW ingredients need their own space. So if you cowash often, I suggest you clarify to detox your hair first and then use these stylers.
  • Plop before applying Gel. Not sure if this will method will work for you, but plopping with the Milk before applying the gel works very nicely for me. If you don’t plop, that’s ok, try scrunching out the excess water and apply this gel on damp hair.
  • Apply more Gel than the Milk! With damp-styling, you won’t get a cast but you will get definition, at least I do.
  • Don’t Scrunch Out The Cast, if any. My hair wasn’t crunchy or stiff with this gel. So I don’t touch it or fluff it, but let my hair break the cast by itself as the day progresses. I try this with other gels too and it works for me.
  • Protect your hair while you sleep or travel. I sleep on Silk or Satin pillowcase no pineapple, with a bonnet to protect my curls. If you want to get one too, here's an affordable one from Amazon India


    That’s what I do with my Curly Girl Movement Stylers and I always get no-refresh days with them! If you have them, try these tips and let me know if they work for you or not. I would love to know!

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    Thank you for watching & reading!

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