How to Use Mousse Based on Hair Type

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A mousse is a styling product. A fluffy white cloud that promises curl definition of our dreams! Could a mousse be a one-product-wonder? Let's review:

A back story

I won Dippity-Do Girls with Curls mousse in an international giveaway in Nov 2017 - only goes to show giveaways are real! I digress, but that was first taste of a curly hair mousse. Since then I've had the chance to use several other brands and I've found a few things that tick - for different hair textures on to learn how to use a mousse to achieve curl-crush worthy hair!

6 Reasons to use Mousse in Your Curly Routine

  1. Acts like a curl activator to enhance curl clumps (curl families).
  2. Some hair types can work with a mousse alone, one and done!
  3. Curls will stay curled for longer days, get more days out of your styling.
  4. Get bouncy, defined curls with a mousse, because of how light it is
  5. Get instagram-worthy volume with a mousse, best for low density hair.
  6. Mousse protects your hair in humidity!! [curly hair styling hack down below]


    The Top 6 Mousses for Curly Hair

    There are other popular mousses like Pantene and Herbal Essences but I did not like their ingredients, the ones mentioned above worked very well for my hair and hence the recommendation. 

    What is a mousse, though? When to use it?

    Much like dry skin that needs lotion, dry curly hair needs styling products. Styling also serves as protection, helping us maintain curls for many days, so we don't have to wash and style everyday. That's where mousses comes in, to use after washing, to style hair curly hair.

    How is mousse different from gel? Is it better?

    Residue: Sometimes, using a lot of gel creates white flaky residue; you don't get that problem with a mousse.

    Versatility: Mousse is very versatile and works to enhance volume and shine. Not all gels serve like that. In fact, some gels weigh your hair down! If you don’t want volume, don’t use a mousse.

    Hold: You can choose gels depending on the hold you desire - soft, medium, or hard hold gels. Mousse offers soft hold, which is not bad if you prefer soft hold curls (like me!)

    ... but Liz, what is Soft Hold? Defined curls without weighing your hair down for up to two days after application. Hard hold gels can go for more days, but I experience more wonky curls with hard hold gel. So I prefer medium, making my curls more bendy.. ANYWAY.

    Packaging: This is a functional difference between a mousse and a gel. A mousse comes in an aerosol spray bottle, hence the foamy texture. Gels come in bottles or tubs.

    How to use a curly hair mousse?

    Mousse is best used on wet or damp hair. It needs the water for better distribution. Here are estimations to work with:

    • Short Hair - dollar coin
    • Medium Hair - golf ball
    • Long Hair - billiard ball

      If you have thick high density hair like me, remember to section/partition your hair apply one pump of styling mousse to each section. Me? I usually just scrunch a mousse in directly - no hair brushes, no manipulation like finger coils with it. Nada. Peekaboo my styling video here

      My Dippity Do Curls Mousse Review

      • Purpose: Soft Hold, Volume, and Shine
      • Texture: Mousse like a shaving foam kind of texture
      • Fragrance: Mild floral (you can't even smell but its better than most mousses I've tried)
      • Recommended for: Wavy and Curly Hair
      • How long will it last? The 6.8FL OZ or 200 ml bottle can last several applications. Say, 20 applications for medium length curly hair. That's about 5+ months if you use it once a week. Not bad!
      • Does it give a cast? Yes! Just “SOTC”–smooth out the crunch to reveal softer curls.
      • CG-Safe?Yes!!!
      • Would I buy it again: YES!! The DD Curls Mousse gives me superb definition and I use it all by itself! That's a win-win, specifically during travels, I can carry just one product for styling and I’m good.
      • How much did I buy it for? I got it free, as a giveaway winner!

      Buy Dippity Do Mousse Here

      How do I use Mousse on my curly hair

      With wet hair, the DD Curls Mousse gave me shine and hold. On dry hair, it gave the hold, but not the shine so I recommend you use this or any mousse on wet hair only.

      Shake the bottle like no one's watching before you dispense the product.

      Remember to hear that squishy sound when you squeeze and scrunch your hair because that’s when you know you got enough product in.

      Wash day results with leave-in as a base and DD Curls mousse were not satisfactory. I got the best results with just Mousse + water on refresh days! However, Leslie uses this mousse on wash days also and it works so great for her! She uses the mousse by itself and for refreshes too but only if it was applied on wash day before.

      Curly Hair Hack: Sandwich Style Method

      For best definition and hold, I recommend you use a curly hair mousse in between your moisturiser and gel.

      For fine hair: You can use a leavein to moisturise your hair. 

      For coarse hair: I prefer using creams. So cream+mousse+gel give me the best volume and definition. Sandwich style. Boom Boom!

      My curl friend Kelly is the Mousse queen! Check out her page for more recommendations. 

      You will have to try and see what works for you. Trial and error is is key.

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