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It’s for you if… you have product build-up, or just need to give your scalp a good yet gentle cleaning. The Soigné cleanser is sulfate, silicone, paraben, and drying alcohol-free. For starters, the sticker on the tub says: Made with love by Jackie. Jackie Gil Serchuk is the owner of my Soigné – I love supporting women-run small businesses!  Here is everything else you need to know about my Soigné Hair Cleanser.


Interesting Facts about Soigné Hair Cleanser

  • This is a clarifying cowash - Vegan and Gluten Free. (More about cowashing here!
  • Special ingredients like turmeric, apple cider vinegar, and aloe juice makes this a unique product for me (I’ve not used anything like this before). These ingredients are great if you have scalp issues like dandruff, psoriasis, etc. 
  • It is protein-free; it has no active protein ingredient so makes it perfect for those experiencing protein overload.  
  • Consistency is creamy and since it doesn't have sulfates, it will not lather like a regular shampoo. BUT you need very little! 
  • It doesn’t have any artificial fragrances and it smells like peppermint and turmeric. Real and raw methinks. So again, perfect for those sensitive to strong scents.
  • Peppermint oil and tea tree oils in this cleanser ward off infection, stops itching, and eases inflammation. Perfect if you workout and wash hair frequently! 
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    More about the Ingredients

    • Turmeric has antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties that soothe and rid of dandruff.
    • Apple cider vinegar helps restore the natural PH level of the scalp. It also prevents moisture loss from the scalp, making hair shiny. 
    • Aloe vera repairs dead skin cells on the scalp, doubles as a conditioner and promotes hair growth, prevents itching on the scalp, reduces dandruff.
    • This Cowash is coconut-oil free! 

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      Special Notes!

      That’s an awfully yellow bottom

      If your tub is sitting untouched for a few days, you will notice the bottom is yellower than the other parts. The sides of the tub could appear white. This is because of the turmeric and the consistency is little beady. The turmeric has the tendency to settle down so make sure to stir it before you use.

      Aloe is a protein too!

      Although this is a protein-free cleanser, aloe vera contains trace amounts of protein. Some plants like Spirulina, Hemp, Quinoa, soy, oats, contain plant-based protein. If you are protein-sensitive than you should check your sensitivity to aloe vera before deciding to use or purchase.

      Keep calm and stop scratching

      So if you have sensitive scalp issues like psoriasis, dandruff you want to use products like this which have no sulphates, no parabens, no drying alcohols, no baddies whatsoever. And it has apple cider vinegar (ACV), turmeric, peppermint, and aloe vera - things which will help your scalp thrive.

      (Disclaimer: This is not a consultation, I am not a doctor. My curl friends on IG with very delicate, sensitive scalps have seen great results using it, unlike anything else they’ve tried and so I know this to be true. Use your discretion.)

      How I use my Soigné Hair Cleanser

      Step 1: Before my wash I use a little bit of oil to detangle my hair; prepoo

      Step 2: I rinse my hair with warm water to remove previous products from scalp and hair.

      Step 3: Using a wooden spoon, I stir the creamy cleanser really well to distribute the turmeric and all the ingredients evenly.

      Step 4: I take a little but at a time to massage gently into my scalp, section-wise. I believe the beady consistency of the turmeric or unprocessed shea butter acts like an exfoliator on my scalp.

      Step 5: I smooth it over and use a hair brush to evenly distribute it over my hair. This way I don’t have to take more product. I can just work with what I have applied.

      Step 6: I keep it in my hair for 5 minutes. (Don’t keep it for a long time because overdoing it with apple cider vinegar can cause more damage than it is worth. (More about ACV here)

      Step 7: Rinse thoroughly and follow up with Soigné hair cream - their hair cream works like a body cream, as a conditioner, and also a leave-in cream! More on this coming soon! 

      Meanwhile, here's a video tutorial! 

      Do I need a conditioner after?

      Due to the moisturising agents in the cleanser like aloe and jojoba oil I don't usually follow up with a conditioner after rinsing my hair. If you wanted to use a conditioner after, you can. Many prefer to “Squish to Condish” to leave some conditioner in. Do not leave this cleanser in since it is specifically a cleanser, with ACV in it. The brand also advises you to rinse everything out.

      How often should I use the Soigné hair cleanser?

      You can use this as often as THRICE a week!

      How does this cleanser help me?

      • Squeaky clean scalp without the stripping your natural oils
      • Doesn't weigh down your curls
      • Achieve Bouncy, build-up free curls
      • Soft, moisturized, voluminous hair

      Where to buy

      I’ve used my Soigné products for over 4 months at the time of this writing. I recommend this cleanser for all the great results it has given me personally, and for the results that others have told me about as well. Stay tuned for my review on the rest of the line!

      Thank you for watching & reading!

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