Hi! I'm Elizabeth Alex and I set up @honestlizhere  on Instagram in 2017 with the intention of sharing my personal learnings on curly hair care with curly women around the world. Since then, I've achieved a following of over 1,00,000! On my page, I share short-form tips and tricks through posts and captions, longer-form tutorials through videos, live sessions, and reels, and even more in-depth information on my blog and YouTube channel.

Through partnerships with over 35 brands across the world, I've helped a number of curly care businesses, primarily built, owned, and run by women, to extend their sales motions to India, through my storefront. My online store, Honest Products, has shipped more than 50,000 curly care products to over 5,000 customers in India in the last 3 years.

I've also expanded into consulting, to guide women towards better hair care with personalized, 1-on-1 attention, and have more than 1,000 success stories!

Most recently, I've been trained and certified by Lorraine Massey, renowned for her book The Curly Girl Handbook, I learned the art of cutting and styling curly hair. I've personally cut, shaped, and styled curly hair for over 125 women (as of Dec 2020) through a professional hair care service I launched in Feb 2020, the results of which can be seen on my Instagram salon page.

The three facets of my business on Instagram- @honestLizhere (personal page), @honestworks.in (store page), and @myhairladyhere (salon page) - represent either the very first, or among the first professional services of their kind in India for curly hair care specifically.

For my work, I've been featured in a number of major publications, including Elle Magazine, Harper’s Bazaar, Dec 2020 issue (Page 59), NaturallyCurly and have been given a platform to share my experience of being an Indian woman with a voice in the international curly community.

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