What can Curly Wavy Coaching (CWC) do for you?

Transform your hair with detailed insights that tackle your personal hair issues. Learn the CG method, step-by-step, until you achieve your hair goals. Understand how to choose products for your specific hair type and lifestyle. Save time, money and empower yourself to make independent decisions. Let’s save your hair together. Much love, Liz.

Limited slots open every Monday, 9am (India only). International Services here.

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Consulting Options here!  

CWC Starter: If you’ve done some research but can’t figure out the CG method by yourself and want personalised recommendations for your hair type and lifestyle, this is the service for you. It includes detailed, personalised tips, suggestions, routine and links to relevant resources to help you thrive!

CWC On Call: You already follow the Curly Girl (CG) Method but need product recommendations? Perhaps you don't know if the products you bought are right for you? Maybe you just have one, single, pressing hair care issue that Google can’t solve, let’s talk about it. You can avail this service as a follow-up to your CWC Starter too! With this CWC On Call, we’ll have a 15-minute, one-on-one conversation to figure out how to get you back on the road to great hair!

CWC Hands-on: If you are more of a visual learner and want to learn how to style, pick products for your hair type, and build a healthy hair routine, this option is for you. We will spend 2hrs together and of course, join our exclusive customer group as a follow-up, where you can ask all your general questions and receive thoughtful advice each time.

CWC UltimateIf you’re completely new to CG or simply want focused one-on-one time with someone who’s experimented with CG a lot (i.e., me), CWC Ultimate is for you. It includes everything that’s part of the CWC Starter package (personalized recommendations, resources, routine design, etc) as well as two important conversations via phone call. First, a 20-minute call to discuss and clarify my suggestions for you and your hair. Second, a follow up call 3-weeks later to discuss progress and answer any new questions that you may have. This is the Step 5 “Progress Call” in the image below. 

How CWC works

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Book a slot
. Limited Slots open at 9am Monday, every week.

Complete the survey. After you book, you’ll receive a survey by Tuesday morning. Respond to that survey at your leisure, in as much detail as possible. (If you’re a CWC On call customer, this is the last step for you. You will receive a call within the same week of completion.) 

Read your recommendations. After you respond to the survey, within ten working days, you will receive a personalized email, addressing your hair needs. (If you’re a CWC Starter customer, this is the last step for you. You can respond on email to clarify doubts and join our group!)

The Clarity Call. After you receive the email, we will get on a call the following Monday. We will spend 20 minutes going over the email, and clarify any doubts you may have.

Practice your routine. Then, you will have three weeks to practice my recommendations.

The Progress Call.In the fourth week, we will get on a call again to go over your progress and answer new questions that you may have, if any.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's in it for you? 

New insight on your current routines. New routines based on your lifestyle. Product recommendations based on your hair type. Fresh Styling tips! All of which will empower you to make independent hair decisions even in the future!

What sort of personalized recommendations can you expect?

After you fill out your answers on this special survey, I'll look through your requirements, and send you a recommended list of products and tips. I am open to answer any doubts you have about these recommendations. Bottom line, we will work together until you feel happy and confident with your hair! 

Is this a one time consultation?

That depends on you. If you want to talk just once, that’s what CWC On Call is for. If you want detailed, personalized suggestions, try CWC Starter. And if you want the suggestions, along with one-on-one time, and follow up conversations, choose CWC Ultimate instead. You can also combo these things if you want - get the CWC Starter today, and then a couple of CWC On Calls one to two months later. How much we work together is entirely in your hands.

What if you already have products, and just want help with using them?

Well, that's even easier! Avail the CWC On Call service for quick resolution!

Will I only recommend the products I sell?

If there's something in my store that I think will work for you, I'll tell you. If there's something homemade or on Amazon that will work for you, I'll tell you that also. My goal here is to save your hair. Doesn’t matter where you get your products. It's that simple. Learn more from Honest Stories here

But Liz, what if all of this doesn't work?

That happens sometimes. Not often. But it happens. If round one doesn’t work, we’ll keep trying together until it does. I'm here for you.

And finally, what's in it for me?

I am passionate about hair care. Working with you and on your hair issues gives me new insights everyday. It’s exciting for me to tackle new issues and offer solutions to the general ones from my experience. Your experience teaches me also.There is always something new to learn from everybody and learning excites me! And I've also spent the last three years using a ton of different products in my hair and making mistakes so you don't have to.

Ok come, let's save your hair! 

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