Malibu C Un-Do-Goo 33.8-ounce pH9 Shampoo [PREORDER]

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Superior to clarifying shampoos for the removal of hard water buildup! If you love to style your hair but hate the buildup your hair products leave behind, use Malibu C Un Do-Goo Shampoo to revitalize your hair. This 100% vegan and sulfate free clarifying shampoo gently removes resin buildup while restoring moisture to your hair. Keep your hair strong and soft no matter how you style your hair with this gentle yet effective shampoo.Malibu C Un Do-Goo Shampoo (1 33.8 Oz)
Experience the savory scent of orange zest and vanilla bean for a sublimely sweet experience
  • Hair Type: Any
  • Type: Clarifying - make sure to deep condition after
  • Vegan
  • Protein-free
  • Perfect for Low Porosity Hair or Fine Hair 
Country of Origin: United States